Sunday, October 9, 2011

For the halibut

Bought some ssr mk1's the other day.

I'm pretty sure i'm gonna sell the cressida so I basically bought these wheels because of how awesome they are and because it was a pretty good deal, plus they were local. Weird stuff.
Anyways, sizes are 14x10-38 and 14x12-38. Pic is with just the 10's cause the rears are straight bonkers.

Enough car stuff though. Next stop, CHOPPERTOWN.


  1. Nice wheels! SSR has always focused on manufacturing precise, lightweight, and strong wheels and will continue this tradition for years to come.

  2. That's something nice you did with your wheels. You have a nice car with a garage fit for an enthusiast.

  3. You do admirably on your works there. I am pretty amazed.

  4. That's a nice rim you got there my friend. Your car is almost near perfection. Just a little more upgrades and add-ons and it will be better than ever.