Saturday, September 17, 2011


I just got temporarily banned from zilvia a few days ago because i posted a video of street drifting. While looking for something to pass the time at work I found Teddy's build on NICO (his blog is The Life of a Soul Drifter) and it's inspired me to update the blog. I'm generally the one to keep quite.... (if you know me this isn't true but I guess it is on the internet) about what I'm doing but whatever.

Okay, to start out I bought this last May from a local guy for a good price.

I've had the parts for the swap (and a little more) since February. Car stuff with me takes forever. I'm currently just waiting on a premade harness from WiringSpecialties and then my motor will be in and (hopefully) running within a week or so. Hopefully the harness comes soon. I decided to have BK Industries do the swap. I know it's not the cool thing to do and I didn't plan on having someone else doing my swap but I've been super busy lately and I realized that if I want to have a competitive car, I want to make sure everything is perfect. Plus, if you couldn't already tell, it would take me 4 years to finish the swap at this rate.

KSport hooked me up with some Slide Kontrol coilovers and a hydraulic ebrake for a great price.

The coilovers will be going on next week and the hydro brake will probably go on during the swap.

I used some of the miata money to buy some wheels. I'm really stoked on these.

They're Work Bersaglio 18x10.5 -5 / 18x12 -7

Lastly (for now at least) I picked up all the aero from BH's car after he sold it. So I've got DMAX type I front, type III sides and rear, hood, front and rear fenders, roof spoiler (which I'll be selling for an Origin), and the ganadors.
That's pretty much all the big stuff for now. There's been a lot of changes, hiccups, and confusion with my build and where I want it to go but I think it's finally starting to come together.

PS Be on the look out for a post from Pete. He just sold his WRX and bought a new car that he's doing work to.


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