Saturday, September 17, 2011

Testing the new front

I decided to test fit the new front bumper for fun. Excuse the hideous oxidation on the hood. I'm cleaning out the garage to get the car in (it'll be a long time before it's ready) and they were chip sealing the road in front of my house. Well it ended up at my church parking lot for a few weeks. Like an idiot I parked it at the edge of the lot (the spot I chose is tucked behind a building so almost hidden) which meant my car saw three weeks of hard water from the sprinklers. Good thing I'm painting it soon.

By the way, this is properly mounted. It's not just sitting there.


  1. thanks man! can't wait to throw it all together and paint it

  2. That's a nice ride you got there. Woah, your hood needs a lot of work.