Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FD Seattle 2011

Last thursday Derek, Josh, Charlie, Kyle, Seth, and myself packed up and hit the road to Seattle to attend round 5 of Formula Drift. For Derek and I this was not the first time we had attended to this event, but for the rest of the crew this was a whole new experience. We made the trek and ended up getting to Everett in the late evening. The first thing we all wanted to do was adventure into downtown Seattle and check out the sights.

There is no real point in specifying what photos are from practice day or competition day so I'm not even going to try. We spent the next two days at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington, we saw a grip of cool cars and a ton of amazing driving.

This S14 is my idea of the perfect S-Chassis.

This R32 was a quiet show stealer. It sat all day across from the Cake Face Clothing booth. With a set of very aggressive VS-KF's it was one of my favorite cars at the show.

This pair of S2000's had me coming back all day. The cars contrasted one another perfectly. One white with polished, The other black with mag blue. I would not hesitate to say these cars had the most aggressive static fitment in the Fatlace One of One show.

This is William Bakajin's STI. This thing is insane. The wheels are 18x10.5 Volk TE-37's, and hiding behind those are a set of 380mm rotor 8 pot brembo brakes. The Do-Luck trunk add's a unique feel to the car. This thing is crazy aggressive and the attention to detail shocked me.

Here we have out 1st and 3rd place winners, Dai Yoshihara and Fredric Aasbo. They both put on an amazing show in the final 4. With Chris Forsberg coming in 2nd it was an amazing show of driving talent.

Overall Seattle was an awesome time. We had a great group of friends lookin at some bitchin cars. Everyone enjoyed themselves and I think i speak for everyone when I say Seattle can be expecting us back next year, it never disappoints.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

two wheeled stuff

Brian's KZ is now road worthy so we had a big camera fuckfest with it. I can definitely dig on these summer nights.
Check out more pictures over at dead industrial atmosphere

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sold the miata

I'm not sure what I'll get next but I guess you learn from your mistakes. I had big plans for the car that never panned out. I sold the grids with intentions of finding some gangster longchamps or something, mistake number 1. I should have at least kept them until I had new wheels. The next mistake was taking off the hardtop and being too lazy to fix it. I should have kept it jimmy rigged on. The last thing I should have done was take off the diffuser during the snow. I didn't really think that one through. Well here are some pics from the day I sold it.

time keeps on slipping into the (cosmic) future

Miss this thing, mostly just miss looking at it though.
Really miss all of those punk rock stickers cause most of those were one offs, gaahhh.