Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hellaflush 3.5 Subarus

It's 5am here and I can't sleep. All I can think about is the event coming up at MMP in a few weeks. Also I'm trying to trade the s14....

Being a Subaru owner, I fell the need to post up some scoobs that have better fitment than mine.

I really liked seeing this one. Same color and front as mine, slightly lower, better wheels. I consider putting on a wingless trunk daily, but it's becoming more an more common and it means I have to buy a wingless trunk.

Dig this. Love the front bumper.

Good looking scoob.

Man do I love bugeye wagons. And on Super Advans? Oh yes please.

The BBS meshies make the car flow well. Seems.... classy.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

update: wheels installed.

New stuff. lowered in the rear, rear tires too big. Annoyed at the lack of stretch.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Attempt at being artsy.

Have I mentioned how much it bothers me that EVERY SHOT is out of focus? Well these are no exception.

P.S. I'm scared to look at the drift shots. I got a few that I was proud of while reviewing on my camera, but after seeing these still shots and the shots of the white vert, I'm afraid.

Super dope.

Real TE's man. This was my favorite car that competed. Simple yet rad. Properly fitting TE37's, roof and trunk spoilers... mmmmm. Expect more shots of this soon.

Hey... I has those wheels (like everybody else on the planet). More shots of this in the future as well.

Hellaflush S-Chassis' pt 1

As with any drift event, there were plenty of dope s-chassis'. They may be played out in the drift scene, but I still dig them. I own two, how can I not?

I remember hearing, "Man, everyone's taking pictures of your car," when I was taking this shot. It's one clean hatch. I wouldn't mind mine looking this clean, I should probably worry on getting it running first.

Makes me want a roof spoiler that much more. Speaking of which, if anybody wants to trade their s14 roof spoiler for my cf Origin, s13 coupe roof spoiler get at me.

If you've seen pictures from HF3.5, you've seen pictures of Miley Cyrus chilling in this one. I like how low the rear is. It looks much lower than most coupes from the rear. However, my horrible, out of focus pictures don't show that very well.
This thing looks ready to hit the track.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

HF3.5 graffiti

I figured I should at least post twice a day. These stood out to me tonight because they're bright. These tasteful stickers and graffiti add color, style, and character.

He was coming back to Buttonwillow as I was leaving for lunch, this car is aggressive head on.

I should have given him some "eeeezzzzBRO" love for his bumper.


The pictures suck, but this car is pretty cool. Unique for IS's to say the least.

I was trying to make some eeeezzzBRO stickers before I left for my trip, but didn't get to it. I would have slapped one on.

VIP in white.

Gangster Lexus.

I believe he was in the top 3. Soooo dope.

Y33 Cedric anyone? I saw him driving it on the freeway while I was getting lunch. I can guarantee Idaho has never had one of these even pass through. Well not guarantee, but I'm pretty sure.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Saw this dope NB at HF3.5. The following day I saw him cruising down Newport Blvd with the top down. A slammed miata would be awesome to daily.

I got a sticker from him. Inspiration to replace the Tein's with Stance's or take out collars. I'm thankful that the car came with coils back when I bought it, but I wish they had been Stance's.

A couple evo's from HF 3.5

I just got back from my trip tonight, it's 2:30a.m., and I have work in the morning so I'm not going to upload any other pictures tonight. I was trying to decide which pictures to post and realized that I haven't seen anybody else post pictures of the silver evo. So I suppose I will leave you with two, properly stanced evo's.

That silver ek was my ride. One of my good friends, who goes to Vanguard with my brother, drove me down to Wasco, CA (just outside of Bakersfield and about 15 minutes from Buttonwillow). He happened to be taking senior pictures for his roommate's sisters that live in Wasco. It couldn't have worked out better. We drove down Saturday night and he let me take his car to Buttonwillow on Sunday, while he was out taking their senior pictures. Then we had a nice home-cooked meal and went back to Costa Mesa.

Thanks, Kevin! Also a big thank you to the Stiles family if any of you see this.
Makes me want to paint my battles white and throw them on the STi. I have other plans though.

S13 Vert at Hellaflush 3.5

Spoke with this guy briefly about his car, he's a pretty cool d00d.

Poking battles (I believe 17x9.5 +12) with overfenders. Looks dope. I may have slightly more stretch, but he has much better fitment.

My auto-focus sensor has been acting up and somehow it's affecting my manual focus. Which is odd, but I'm no camera guru.

Costa Mesa, CA

My brother is going to school at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, CA. I decided I would go down and visit him in February to get away from the cold and visit California when it isn't tourist season. When I heard Hellaflush 3.5 was going to be the 21st, I scheduled my trip around that. I had a great time. I'm moving down there in the Fall when my brother goes back to school. He and some friends had planned on getting a townhouse to cut down on living expenses (a small, dorm room costs about $450 per month and you share it with another person). I decided to get in on that.

I'm not much of a photographer, but here are some pictures I took at Little Del Mar (just East of Corona Del Mar).

Sunday, February 21, 2010