Sunday, September 12, 2010

S-Chassis meet @ K-1 Speed Anaheim

I'm visiting my brother in Costa Mesa again. There was a lot going on last weekend but I wasn't able to get the time of so I was pretty bummed about that. I figured that drift events/car meets are only perks, the reason I was visiting was to see my brother and have a good time in the nice weather so I decided that this weekend would work.

I hopped on Zilvia last night to see if there was anything going on this weekend. I found an s-chassis meet that wasn't too far away so my brother and I figured we would stop by.

My brother's roommate was picking up a car for his sister and she lives in Florida so he asked me to go along and check it out. She picked out a manual Subaru Forester XT. Not a bad choice. As expected with any 2007 Subaru, it was flawless. The reason I'm writing about this is Jared and I were a little late to the meet so we didn't have much time to browse around. We did one sweep of the lot as the awards were being given and then we left. Here are a few shots I took:

The heartbreaker 610. This car ties my favorite car at the show with a car that will be posted later. This makes me want to follow through with my idea of a miata on longchamps for a daily.

My brother really liked this vert. I can't blame him.

This guy was already pulling away as we were coming around to the back of the lot. I really like the look of this white hatch on purple SA03's.

This hatch works for me. The picture kind of makes it look weird, but it's very clean.

Anyways, a few more pictures from this event will be posted and I'm going to try to make it to JCCS tomorrow.


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