Tuesday, August 24, 2010

They told me I've seen angels, In their place flashing lights

The Swellers recently played in Boise and played my favorite song by them, "This is My Everest." Nick, the vocalist, told me about the meaning behind that song. It was about a car crash that happened in Twin Falls, ID four years ago. I thought he was joking at first since we were in Idaho. It was true. A pickup truck and trailer veered left off the road at speed then sharply right, right in front of them on the freeway. It was around a bend where Utah turns into Idaho. The truck rolled several times and the tour manager driving the van stood on the brakes and pulled the wheel into him for leverage. They all jumped out at the wreck and saw the driver in the truck. They pulled him out and thought everyone was safe but Nick looked back at the truck and saw another body in it. A blue arm was hanging out the window. They all tried to get him out as the police, ambulance, and life flight came. Nick had to hold the person down as he was convulsing. After they had rescued him from the truck life flight had taken him away. The paramedics told Nick that he was getting better but they never really knew the outcome. I found it amazing that the album "My Everest" was essentially named after something that happened to the band in Idaho, my home state.




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