Wednesday, March 3, 2010

RIP Atsushi Kuroi

If you follow up on anything drift or Japanese car related, you already know about Atsushi Kuroi's recent death. Risky Devil posted a link on Facebook to tribute tshirts and stickers to raise money for Kuroi's family and I thought it would be great to help out and get some cool stuff at the same time.

Just as I was heading back to work from lunch, my calendar got in. Garage208 is a local forum that's just over a year old. Every month they select a new feature and they made a calendar for this year with all the features from last year. Three eeeezzzBRO's were featured last year and Curt is this month's current feature.

I get to work and put the calendar up right next to my computer. As I stare at it, I feel a vibrate. "Package from touge came." All of my excitement was diverted.
The black sticker was supposed to be the vertical sticker, but I'm not too worried about it. This one is just as cool.


  1. can someone get me a couple vertical stickers before i get back?

  2. I think they're $8 a piece with free shipping. Get me some stickers in Japan and we'll trade. Deal?

  3. ill look just went to upgarage today didnt see any stickers, not really sure where to go.