Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hondaflush 3.5.... get it?

Hellaflush meets are known for all sorts of cars with good fitment and Honda's are definitely not excluded.

This Accord reminds me of my original plans for the scoob. I was planning on throwing white CR Kai's onto it, which would be identical to this car, but those plans have changed and I don't think Works will be in the budget.

EG hatch + mesh = great idea.

I was excited when I first pulled up to Buttonwillow and this was the second car I saw. I haven't seen an s2000 in Boise with fitment like this.I got really angry when I found out that this was the only picture I have of this Accord. It's one awesome Accord. If you're viewing this small blog then I'm sure you've seen plenty of pictures of this car. It's safe to say you probably aren't too upset that we don't have any more out of focus shots of it.

I need a new camera! This EG had pretty good fitment, but you can't tell with this shot. Bummer.


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