Sunday, February 7, 2010

not fully car related.

Firstly, this year so far has not been financially great. Coming back from Chicago, I had hardly enough money to get by. Now, I've not been to work in a week as I've had Swine Flu and Strep Throat. Awesome way to start off a year, right? Might as well just get that shit outta the way at the beginning so it doesn't happen later. Cool.

Secondly, I really really want Part Shop Max arms. Bad. I want it to get to Ruckus temperature and have a spare $700 laying around so I can get arms, s14 tie rods and ends, and some subframe spacers. I'll be very satisfied.

Thirdly, I want to move. Somewhere. Midwest or West Coast, I seriously want to move. Plans include saving up about two months worth of expenses. Move and find a job, then go to school. LA or Milwaukee (Probably LA area.)

Lastly, I need to lose weight. I'm 200. I need to be 165-170. I give myself two months.