Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Saw this dope NB at HF3.5. The following day I saw him cruising down Newport Blvd with the top down. A slammed miata would be awesome to daily.

I got a sticker from him. Inspiration to replace the Tein's with Stance's or take out collars. I'm thankful that the car came with coils back when I bought it, but I wish they had been Stance's.


  1. Derek get the stances you will love them, I heard the LX is better than what i have though cause it is inverted so you dont have to worry about the damping knob ripping a CV


  2. Yeah, yours are awesome. The subaru is at the bottom of my priority list though. I have some mild plans for it in the near future, but unless I take out the collars it won't be lower for quite some time.