Friday, February 26, 2010

Hellaflush S-Chassis' pt 1

As with any drift event, there were plenty of dope s-chassis'. They may be played out in the drift scene, but I still dig them. I own two, how can I not?

I remember hearing, "Man, everyone's taking pictures of your car," when I was taking this shot. It's one clean hatch. I wouldn't mind mine looking this clean, I should probably worry on getting it running first.

Makes me want a roof spoiler that much more. Speaking of which, if anybody wants to trade their s14 roof spoiler for my cf Origin, s13 coupe roof spoiler get at me.

If you've seen pictures from HF3.5, you've seen pictures of Miley Cyrus chilling in this one. I like how low the rear is. It looks much lower than most coupes from the rear. However, my horrible, out of focus pictures don't show that very well.
This thing looks ready to hit the track.


  1. I has s14 ftp roof spoiler I will trade even if this post is 1 1/2 yrs old lol