Monday, January 25, 2010

flaresflaresflares need lowlowlow

Failure of updates. Sorry. We cut my car up and caught it on fire so I would be able to fit some wheels. They fit pretty bad right now. But, it should be sorted soon.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Some pics I snapped of a few local VIP rides in a parking lot by my house.

winning combo= stretch-poke-slam-tuck

The word of the day is: Tacaté

Friday, January 15, 2010

Gutt Bomb

One perk to living on a rock out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is that fresh fish is very abundant and sushi shops are a dime-a-dozen.

Out of all the different sushi shops on Maui, my favorite is Makawao Sushi. Located on the upper north shore, they make the most authentic rolls on the island. We ended up getting a few spicy ahi rolls, rainbow roll, spider roll, avacado veggy roll, bbq unagi musubi, and a Philedelphia roll. What a better way to blow $100 on fish wrapped in rice.

Although I'm pretty biased on Kyotos & Superb of Boise, but I think being close to the water makes the difference.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

uhhh cops suck. bikes prepared.

So, I recently moved back to Meridian and I take a different way to work. It's a straight shot through downtown Meridian to my job. I'm the typical person who wakes up five minutes before I have to go to work, throws on clothes, and leaves. I get in my car, take a right and drive to work. Tuesday, I pull out, cop is right behind me. I get to the intersection, turn left and truck is now behind me. Then I see the cop turn on lights, pass the truck, and hot rod onto my ass. I get pulled over and then told that my wheels aren't supposed to stick out past my fenders, my exhaust is too loud and all this shit. He says "it's on me", and I go. Today, the same scenario happens but the cop is heading in the opposite direction. I see her pass, radio in, then turn around and put her lights on. I knew as soon as I saw her, I was going to get pulled over. So, she get's on my ass, and I pull over, only to be told THE SAME SHIT as Tuesday. She gives me a $52 fix it ticket and I go. Both cops asked where I'm headed each time, and I say I'm on my way to work. What the fuck am I going to do at 10:20am? I'm not speeding, I'm not doing a goddamned thing. Apparently telling them I'm going to work doesn't mean shit so they take their time and chit chat about the shit drawn on my fender and how much camber I have. When did just driving your car become a crime? Why can't they find something else to do besides pull me over almost daily. Fuck this.

In other news, my bike is all commuter ready. I need to get my Ruckus to my new house and sooner or later I'll have these nifty wheels fitting under my flares.

I bet my rent money on the fact that the same shit will happen again tomorrow.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

get stoked.

i want to go cruise.

Sup illegal activity

Bogus BRAH

Josh in the mud

Driftin' in mud is how we do in Idaho.

After the rolling shots we wound up at an empty mud lot. Why not get it sideways right?

Here are some other shots from the shoot.

Welcome the 3 new eeeezzzBRO members: Josh (s13), Curtis (mx73), and myself, Derek (s14). Our cars are definitely works in progress and please excuse Josh's winter set up.


This is when it looked good, before I may or may not have messed up my front fenders. Flares are going on, along with something to fill them out. I just need some tires...


So today we decided to go have some fun/shoot and found a nice rock quarry by Curtis' shop This is my Ca18det S13. Top of third gear at 85mph sideways is pretty rad. More cool shit on the way.

New members.

eeeezzzBRO has three new members. Here's a sneak peak of a photoshoot we did today. This is my s14. Just went 5 lug last night!